Planning on a Budget: DIY Washi Tape Booklet

Hello fellow planner lovers!

Last week I created a DIY Mini Happy Planner video. A few days later, it dawned on me that with the rings that I had left over, I could create a portable Washi Tape Booklet! I couldn’t wait to put the tutorial together!

1. Cut out the “pages”

I used laminated sheets. I find that when using cards, there is usually a glossy film that sticks to the tape when you get to the last few inches. The film prevents the washi from sticking and therefore it went wasted. I ran a few sheets through my laminator and cut them down to 4.5″ x 4.25 ” pieces.

2. Wrap Washi

I wrapped about 28″ of washi tape around my laminated sheets. That is about seven times around the laminated sheet. Make sure to leave about a half inch or so to allow enough space to punch. I fit five regular size washi on each sheet, eight skinny washi and about three fat washi per sheet.

3. Punch Pages

I do not have a Happy Planner or Arc punch so I lined up an old sheet and used it as a guide to punch holes. I then cut slits to allow the pages to attach to the discs. Having a Happy Planner or Arc punch would have been much better, I found that it was hard to punch and cut all the pages exactly the same. When put in the book, the pages were a bit harder to turn, but it is still possible.

4. Attach all pages to discs

5. Cover

I cut up a thick folder about a half inch larger than the pages. I then punch holes into the covers and attached them to the back and front of the book. Viola! A portable washi tape booklet! Now you can have all your washi tapes on-the-go!

This video is geared toward Happy Planner users. To modify for ring planner, resize the “pages” and punch holes to fit into your planner. To modify for Erin Condren users, simple punch pages with a spiral punch.

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