Ollies Paper Boutique Sticker Review

As you all know by now, stickers are a staple in my planners. Most weeks all I need to get by are stickers, washi and a pen.

Last week I received this amazing package in the mail. The stickers are from Ollie’s Paper Boutique.


These stickers blew me away. I love the colors blue and purple and these pictures do no justice to those blue and purple labels. The colors are so vibrant, I love it! I also chose Pokemon Go stickers, the misfit kit and they threw in a sheet of “Sleep in” stickers.

In the misfit kit, all these stickers were included. One or two pages were miscut and there were a bunch of cut die cut stickers. The rest of the sheets were practically perfect, causing me to wonder what they were doing in a misfit kit – which is a good thing. Overall, I would have to say the the stickers from Ollie’s Paper Boutique are high quality and well worth the money.


If you would like to get your hands on some stickers from Ollie’s Paper Boutique, visit them on Etsy and use code “GRANDSPECIAL” for 15% off your purchase of $10.00 or more! Hope you enjoy!



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