Planning 101: Lingo and Terms

Have you ever seen a planner for sale posts, planner DIY tutorial, or planner photo caption and thought to yourself, “what in the world do these phrases and letters mean?”


*For sale post created for example only. Photo credit: Ashley Witt (Kate Spade Planners Club)

Being a “newbie” to the planner world can be a little intimidating, especially when you see posts like the one above. But fear not, we’re here to help! We’re bringing you a brief guide to planner terms that you may see in online forums, shops, and social media postings.


A4: uses paper size 8.27 in x 11.69 in, slightly similar to a full sheet of paper

A5: uses paper size 5.83 in x 8.27, slightly similar to a half sheet of paper

BNIP: brand new in package

BST: acronym for “buy, sell, trade”

BUMP: acronym for “bring up my post”

CC: color crush

“compact” size: similar to personal size but with smaller rings

dashboard: usually kept at the front of a planner for decoration or to hold notes

dividers: these separate pages in your planner, and usually have tabs or some kind of label

DISO: acronym for “desperately in search of”

dream planner: a planner someone hopes to own one day

EUC: acronym for “excellent used condition”

fauxdori: a style based off of a Midori traveler’s notebook, hence “faux”

FC: Franklin Covey brand

FF or Filofax: a brand of planners, most commonly used when referring to sizes

following/*: following the post to get notifications of comments/responses

FSO: acronym for “for sale only”

F&F: meaning “friends and family,” a Paypal payment option

GUC: acronym for “good used condition”

guts: another term for inserts or content inside planner

G&S: meaning “goods and services,” a Paypal payment option

inserts: the pages used in a planner such as calendars, notes, etc.

ISO: acronym for “in search of”

kikki.K: a brand of planners based in Australia

KSW: stands for “Kate Spade Wellesley,” a specific planner

LV: stands for Louis Vuitton

NWT: acronym for “new with tags”

NWOT: acronym for “new without tags”

“other” folder: a folder on Facebook where messages from people who are not your friends go.

“personal” size: uses paper size 3.74 in x 6.73 in

“pocket” size: uses paper size 3.19 in x 4.72 in

PP: PayPal

PP/Paypal ready: ready to pay via Paypal, usually within an hour or so

PM: stands for private message

printable: content that can be printed at home, usually a worksheet or insert

RAK: Random act of kindness, usually in reference to a gift sent/received in surprise

TFS: acronym for “thanks for sharing”

TIA: acronym for “thanks in advanced”

washi: (washi tape) decorative Japanese tape, usually made out of paper

Wo1P: a calendar insert format meaning week on one page

Wo2P: a calendar insert format meaning week on two pages

unicorn: a rare and hard to find planner (usually a sold out style)

Know of any other acronyms or terms that we didn’t mention? Feel free to share your knowledge and leave a comment below!


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