5 Washi Tape Uses for the Office

Hey Planner People!

Washi Tape is a staple in the planner world for most people. Did you know you can subtly showcase your washi addiction at work? This will not only cheer up your work space but will also help you use up some of those washi rolls you’ve been hoarding.

1. Washi Tape Clipboard

Sitting in meetings all day can be a bore. Spruce up your clipboard with a few patterns of washi.

DIY - Snazz Up a Clipboard with Washi Tape at Callaloo Soup - Complete
Photo Credit: Callaloo Soup

2. Washi Tape Flags

Add washi tape to your paperclips to make easy to find page markers.

Photo Credit: Tambouille

3. Pretty Binder Clips

Binder clips come in various colors and prints. However, if your office only orders plain clips, brighten them up yourself with that stash of washi you keep in your desk drawer.

Profusion shot570
Photo Credit: Felt & Wire

4. Washi Tape Desktop

Add a bit of flair to any computer screen with a bit of washi.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

5. Washi Tape Keyboard

Turn your boring old keyboard into a washi tape keyboard with just a few rolls of washi and a pair of scissors.

washi keyboard
Photo from Gurlinterrupted.com

I hope these washi tape ideas help you brighten up your workday!



Planning on a Budget: DIY Planner Tassels

Hey Planner Lovers!

A few weeks ago I helped host a planner meet up on Oahu. Our group is called Oahu Planner girls, check it out! Anyway, at the meet up we had a few games and craft projects for the girls to do. My job was to create one of those craft project. I chose planner tassels!

I know some ladies don’t have a lot of time to sit and make planner things but for those of you who do, I wanted to share the printable I made. The directions are super easy to follow along and can be modified. You can make the ribbon shorter or longer and you could add more strands if you prefer.

Tassel Steps

View the printable version here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Want to see something else on the blog? Leave a comment below with your suggestions. Also, if you do make your own planner tassel we would love to see. Use the hashtag #OPGtassel on Instagram to share your creation with us!


My Favorite Crochet Blogs

Hello my Fellow Crochet Lovers!

I just wanted to put together a quick blog post of my favorite Crochet blogs. Crocheting has been a hobby of mine for the past couple of years. It has been on and off for the last couple of months but I am getting back into it and I thought I’d share with you my favorite go to blogs for patterns, tips and tricks.

1. All About Ami

This was the first amigurumi blog that I stumbled upon. This is the blog that inspired me to crochet amigurumi dolls. Stephanie, the girl behind the blog, offers a ton of free patterns, most of which she created herself. The first pattern I ever attempted was this Spring Bunny. Ever since then I continue to crochet amigurumi now and again.

2. A Morning Cup of Jo

This blogger isn’t as active anymore but her designs are also one of my favorites. A bunch of her designs can be found on Etsy or on Amigurumi.net¬†for a small price.

3. Pepika

I stumbled upon one of this persons designs last year when I was looking for a Monkey pattern for my cousins baby shower. I loved the pattern as well as a few other patterns. They occasionally offer free patterns on their blog as well.

That’s about it for my favorite crochet blogs. I also like to search on Raverly¬†for new patterns or Youtube for follow along type tutorial. If you’re interested in learning to crochet I’d definitely recommend Youtube to learn the basics. If you have any questions that you can’t find there or on any of the sites I listed feel free to ask in the comments below!