Planning on a Budget: Pretty Planners under $15

Taking the plunge into the planner world can be a bit intimidating. Especially if you know that there are many different types of refillable planners out there. You can read my post here on refillable planners.

For many people, buying that first planner is a big investment. Many of the planners cost close to $60.00 or more. Dropping that much money on something you are unsure about is a big risk. My suggestion to you is to first find a simple and less costly planner you can test out. That way, if planning turns out not to be your thing, you won’t have to regret spending so much money.

I have complied a list of a few planners that are great for testing out to see if the paper planner thing is right for you.

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1. Target Dollar Spot

Target comes out with new designs for their dollar section every month or so. Their items range from $1-$5. Most of the planner related items are either $1 or $3. If you’re lucky, you can find a binder and a set of inserts for only $6.

2. Day Designer

This Day Designer Planner can be found at Target. The original price is $7.99, it is currently on sale for $7.19. Plus, if you have a Target REDcard, you save an additional 5% making this planner only $6.83.


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3. Barnes and Noble Punctuate Planner

This planner from Barnes and noble starts popping up in stores around summer time. If you think a ring binder is something you want to try, I definitely recommend this one. This planner is usually about $10 and you can probably score anywhere from 10%-25% off with coupons.


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4. May Designs

May Designs is a company that creates custom notebooks. They have various inside pages to choose from including note pages, planner pages and coloring pages. A completely customized notebook is $23, however May Designs constantly runs promotions and I have gotten my books for as little as $9.00 (plus shipping).

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5. Micheal’s Recollections Planner

This planner from Recollections is sold only at Micheal’s craft stores. The original price of this planner is $19.99. If you can find a 50% off coupon, that makes this planner a whopping $10.00. Monthly and weekly inserts need to be purchased separately.

You can find many more planners under $15 at stores such as Walmart, Office Max, Staples and almost anywhere you purchase school supplies.

I hope you’re able to find a planner that is in your budget and that works for you!




Planning on a Budget: DIY Planner Tassels

Hey Planner Lovers!

A few weeks ago I helped host a planner meet up on Oahu. Our group is called Oahu Planner girls, check it out! Anyway, at the meet up we had a few games and craft projects for the girls to do. My job was to create one of those craft project. I chose planner tassels!

I know some ladies don’t have a lot of time to sit and make planner things but for those of you who do, I wanted to share the printable I made. The directions are super easy to follow along and can be modified. You can make the ribbon shorter or longer and you could add more strands if you prefer.

Tassel Steps

View the printable version here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Want to see something else on the blog? Leave a comment below with your suggestions. Also, if you do make your own planner tassel we would love to see. Use the hashtag #OPGtassel on Instagram to share your creation with us!


Planning on a Budget: DIY Washi Tape Booklet

Hello fellow planner lovers!

Last week I created a DIY Mini Happy Planner video. A few days later, it dawned on me that with the rings that I had left over, I could create a portable Washi Tape Booklet! I couldn’t wait to put the tutorial together!

1. Cut out the “pages”

I used laminated sheets. I find that when using cards, there is usually a glossy film that sticks to the tape when you get to the last few inches. The film prevents the washi from sticking and therefore it went wasted. I ran a few sheets through my laminator and cut them down to 4.5″ x 4.25 ” pieces.

2. Wrap Washi

I wrapped about 28″ of washi tape around my laminated sheets. That is about seven times around the laminated sheet. Make sure to leave about a half inch or so to allow enough space to punch. I fit five regular size washi on each sheet, eight skinny washi and about three fat washi per sheet.

3. Punch Pages

I do not have a Happy Planner or Arc punch so I lined up an old sheet and used it as a guide to punch holes. I then cut slits to allow the pages to attach to the discs. Having a Happy Planner or Arc punch would have been much better, I found that it was hard to punch and cut all the pages exactly the same. When put in the book, the pages were a bit harder to turn, but it is still possible.

4. Attach all pages to discs

5. Cover

I cut up a thick folder about a half inch larger than the pages. I then punch holes into the covers and attached them to the back and front of the book. Viola! A portable washi tape booklet! Now you can have all your washi tapes on-the-go!

This video is geared toward Happy Planner users. To modify for ring planner, resize the “pages” and punch holes to fit into your planner. To modify for Erin Condren users, simple punch pages with a spiral punch.

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Planning on a Budget: DIY Mini Happy Planner

mini hp

I have had a Happy Planner for about six months now. When I first bought the planner, I decided I wanted the planner to be a stay-at-home memory keeper. I’d jot appointments and things that were accomplished during the week or special events that took place. During the past couple of weeks, my Happy Planner has become my main planner.

The downside of using the Happy Planner as a “main planner” is that it is not very travel friendly. The planner takes up a lot of space in my small purse and it is hard to plan on the go. I recently seen a post in the MAMBI Happy Planners group where someone tweaked their planner so that it was a bit smaller and much easier to carry around. I loved the idea of it being a bit smaller so I decided to give it a try. While trying it for myself, I wanted to create an easy to follow video for anyone else who may want to turn their HP into something a tad more portable.

If you would like to make your Happy Planner similar to a personal size, remove two discs and fold the paper up so that the notches line up with the next two discs. For easier access to your pages, cut off the bottom two notches of each sheet so there is no need to hook and unhook the pages each time you plan.

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Planning on a Budget: Coupon Code Roundup and No Spend Printable


Hello Everyone!

As promised (via Facebook and Instagram) I have compiled a Coupon Code Round-up for a bunch of planner shops. These shops include stickers, clips, dashboards and other planner embellishments. I hope you enjoy!

Chasing Chels

Leigh Darling

Crafty PawzzDayCreates

Just my Rosy Life



Fancy Sticker Prints located in Canada

Golden Creations HI

Passport to WonderlandPiggy Park DesignsPlanner LushPlanWithaSocialWorkrStudio RiversSugary Gal Shop



For those of you planning to do a no-spend next month, I have prepared this printable with a month card for you to keep track of which days you accomplish your no spend. I also thought it would be a nice idea to reward yourself if you get through the whole month without spending money of planner supplies. Click the photo below to download your free printable.

No Spend.jpg

I hope you folks enjoyed this “Coupon Code Round-up”! Make sure to get all your purchases in before the 31st if you plan on doing a no-spend next month. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you liked the round up and if you’d like to see it again!


Planning on a Budget: Where to Find Free Printable Planner Stickers

POB Free printable stickers.jpg

As you all already know, I love all things planner related. If you do not know this by now, feel free to check out my previous posts or follow me on Instagram to see all my planner posts.

Though there are many reasons someone may start using a planner, two of the reasons I love planning is because of all the goodies and the endless possibilities. By goodies, I mean stickers, washi tape, pens, stamps, paper punches and so much more. As far as endless possibilities: imagine you have 10 different people. You give each person the same set of supplies, two rolls of washi, pens, a stamp set and a week on two page insert. You tell each person to decorate the inserts to their hearts content in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later, you have 10 different layouts even though each person started with the same supplies and the same directions.

Having a limited budget for planner goodies, I have to find other cheaper or free ways to indulge in my planner addiction. I know there are many, many other people who are in the same boat as myself which is why I wanted to put together a post of planner addicts like you and me who offer free printables.


Free Heart Dates Stickers

0001 (40)

free sheet Marzo

Free Planner Sticker Printable: Bad Day Sampler for the Vertical Erin Condren Life Planner


Easter Printable Image.png


There are many other people who offer free printables as well, this is just a short list of the ones I could find while searching and Instagram, Facebook, and Google. To find more free printables, try key words such as “free printable stickers”, “printable planner stickers” or other variations. Please keep in mind that the images here are low quality photos for example only, some photos may have been resized or cropped to fit into the post. If you would like to download the actual stickers, please visit the links provided. Also, some of these blogs offer free printables only on certain days and for a certain period of time, for more information please visit the websites to read their policies further.