Ollies Paper Boutique Sticker Review

As you all know by now, stickers are a staple in my planners. Most weeks all I need to get by are stickers, washi and a pen.

Last week I received this amazing package in the mail. The stickers are from Ollie’s Paper Boutique.


These stickers blew me away. I love the colors blue and purple and these pictures do no justice to those blue and purple labels. The colors are so vibrant, I love it! I also chose Pokemon Go stickers, the misfit kit and they threw in a sheet of “Sleep in” stickers.

In the misfit kit, all these stickers were included. One or two pages were miscut and there were a bunch of cut die cut stickers. The rest of the sheets were practically perfect, causing me to wonder what they were doing in a misfit kit – which is a good thing. Overall, I would have to say the the stickers from Ollie’s Paper Boutique are high quality and well worth the money.


If you would like to get your hands on some stickers from Ollie’s Paper Boutique, visit them on Etsy and use code “GRANDSPECIAL” for 15% off your purchase of $10.00 or more! Hope you enjoy!



Fancy Sticker Prints Review

There are many, many different sticker shops on Instagram. One day while scrolling through my feed, I came across an adorable Mermaid kit sticker set. I immediately contacted the shop owner and shared how much I loved the set.

Last week I put together my post – Planning on a Budget: Coupon Code Roundup & No Spend Printable. When I messaged her to see if she wanted to be part of the round up she agreed. I then got a message stating she was coming to the states (from Canada) and that she wanted to send a few sheets to me for a review. I was ecstatic! Here are the weekly kits I received.

Fancy Sticker Prints

week 13

I was so excited that I got the Mermaid kit! So excited that I cleaned off my desk and set up for a Plan with Me video. These stickers are AMAZING quality. They are cut neatly and are repositionable (as you’ll see in my video). The colors are vibrant and the designs are super cute. I was almost sad to use the sheet because it was so cute and I wish I had more. Fancy Sticker Prints is also offering a special code to my readers! Make sure to get your orders in before the code expires!


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Lavish Paper Co. Sticker Review

If you have been planning for a while, you know that stickers are a staple in the planner community. Some people do prefer just to write things in with no decoration at all but I am one of those who love decorating with stickers. About two months ago, while scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon a fairly new shop called “Lavish Paper Co.”

After scrolling through their feed I knew I would love their stickers. I also came across a post that stated they were looking for bloggers and vloggers with 10,000+ followers to review  their stickers. I immediately sent a direct message stating my interest in being a promoter for their shop. Within a week I got a response saying that they were going to put me one their team. I was so excited! They even asked us to choose our own stickers because they wanted us to be able to use the stickers and be genuine about our liking them. I scrolled through the shop and tried to narrow my choices down. After about an hour of debating with myself I narrowed my choices down to eight sheets.

1 Valentine combo

Since Valentine’s day was coming up I chose to go with a few sheets from their Valentine’s theme. I thought the stickers would be perfect for decorating both my Happy Planner and my personal Kikkik. I love, love, love the cute birds and hearts sheet.

2 other combo

Next I chose a few functional sheets that I could use to track certain things. The church sheet is obviously to track events and important dates for church. Hydrate stickers are always a plus, this month I will be tracking my eating and water intake so those will be a perfect fit. The dollars will be to track paydays (if I used it for bills they’d be gone two months lol!). That sheet would probably work better in my Happy Planner because they are a bit larger, if they came in a smaller size I would love them even more. The last sheet I chose was the Trying to Conceive sheet because sometime this year we will start tracking ovulation and fertility so that we can try to get pregnant.

extra & oopsie
Thank you

Rebekah was so nice to include these extra sheets. I especially love the little hula girls and those cute planners. The sheets on the right are part of her “oopsie” set. They are perfectly fine except for the cuts being a bit too deep. If that is the quality of all the stickers in her oopsie bags, I will definitely be buying some of those! Last but not least, she also includes a cute little sample sheet or a different thank you gift with every order that varies month to month. Follow her on Instagram @lavishpapercompanyofficial to keep up with new sheets and promo codes. The current promo code is “INSTAGRAMFRIEND10” for 10% off your entire purchase. If you decide to purchase some stickers, make sure to use #lavishpaperco on IG so we can see your posts!




Pretty Confetti Studio Sticker Review

Last week I received a set of stickers from Irma of Pretty Confetti Studio. My first thought when opening the package and finding the stickers was that I was shocked to see that her stickers were glossy. I’ve ordered stickers from many, many shops and this was the first time I’ve ever seen an Etsy shop with glossy stickers. I know there are probably tons of shops that offer a glossy option but of all the ones that I have ordered from I have never seen the option. I think it’s neat if shops start offering the glossy or matte option.

Sample sheet 1

This first sheet is one of two sheets in Irma’s St. Patrick’s Day Horizontal Planner Stickers set for Erin Condren Life Planners (ECLP). Though these stickers are meant for the ECLP I think I may be using this sheet to decorate my March monthly Color Crush pages in my Personal Kikkik. The stickers are small enough that I’ll still have some space to write in the boxes. I am still undecided though since my birthday is in March and I may want to have only one “theme” for the entire month since it is only a month on two page insert. If they don’t get used in my personal, I’ll definitely use them in my Happy Planner.

Sample sheet 2

This sheet is the second of two sheets in the St. Patrick’s Day Horizontal Planner Stickers set for ECLP. I do not own an ECLP but I do have a Happy Planner that I can use these in. I love the little owl on this sticker sheet. I wish the other sheet had a few owls so that I could spread them out in my planner.  If you do not own an ECLP or a Happy Planner, these stickers make perfect size flags when you cut them in strips. Once in a while if I like a set of box stickers enough I’ll cut them up and use them as flags or as labels to mark off certain days in my personal size planner.

Sample sheets 3

I love the cute little envelopes and the little pencils! The envelopes will definitely be used to remind me to send out letters to my pen pals. As for the pencils, I’m not sure how well you can see but there are some lines on them. I’ll be using them to list things in my Happy Planner. Maybe planner related things since I’m not in school and I have no homework.

Overall, I think the stickers Irma offers in her shop are very cute and well crafted. From what I could tell the stickers are well cut and peel off the sheet easily. If you’d like to see more of Irma’s stickers, make sure to visit her Etsy Shop or follow her on Instagram to keep up with new releases and special coupon codes.


Crafty Pawzz Inserts Review

A few weeks ago, I joined a growing Facebook group called “Crafty Pawzz.” The group admin, Jazmine (creator of Crafty Pawzz), put up a post searching for people to help her promote her products, promos and group. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity knowing that it could help my own blog by driving a bit of traffic to my posts (plus who doesn’t love free inserts?!). I left a comment on her post stating that I have a blog and I left the link to that and my Instagram. A few days later I get a notification that says I was chosen! Super excited, I sent her a message right away and she let me know that she’d be sending me some inserts. Fast forward to today and I am now writing my review.

Planner w card

First of all, I love this “business card”! It is super cute and fun to play with. The card lists her name, her Facebook group and her email. On the opposite side, there was a thank you and a code for a percentage off my next purchase. My only concern is that the card, as you can see compared to my planner, is a bit bigger than I’d prefer. I like being able to put the business cards into my planner in case anyone ever asks where I got a certain item from. I have easy access to the card and the seller’s information. With this card, I have to make a large pocket to fit it into my planner. Other than that, I love how creative it is!

in pkg w card

These are the inserts Jazmine sent me. It is similar to a week on one page with 5 sections and a space for the date. The sections include meals, to do, schedule, chores, and notes. The pages are very thick and smooth. I have not tried a pen test on the pages yet but the feel of the paper suggests that most pens should not bleed.

The next thing I did was compare Jazmine’s inserts to a Kate Spade insert that I had in my planner. As you can see from the photo above, the KS inserts are a little narrower and a bit taller. I put the inserts into my planner to see how much wider they looked and whether or not the inserts stuck out of my planner. As you can see in the photo below, the inserts sit nicely in my personal size Kikkik. They also did not stick out at all with my planner closed (could you tell they’re in my planner in the first picture?).

layout in planner

Overall, I must say I love the style and quality of the inserts from Crafty Pawzz. Jazmine has so many different layouts to choose from and if you don’t see any that you like (which I doubt), you can message or email her to figure out a layout that would work for you. If you would like to order, you can join her Facebook group Crafty Pawzz or you can send Jazmine an email (to prevent spam please retrieve her email from the business card posted in the above photos). When making a purchase, mention code “CHOLE” for 10% off your order. If you join the group mention that Dalyn sent you, I’d love to see how many people join after reading this post!


ChriswithaK Spiral Planner Review

I love all the pretty clips that Kris from ChriswithaK makes. When she came out with these new agenda’s I jumped at the opportunity to do a review of them. She let me know that they are customizable and she gave me the option of sending her an image for my own cover. Instantly I knew that I wanted one of the images by my good friend Eli. So I added the year and my handle and I emailed it to Kris. Kris sent the image over to the printers and they had it done within a week or two. I received this lovely planner in the mail last week.


I love, love, love how the planner turned out! The front and back covers are both similar to 10 mm thick laminated cardstock. The planner itself is equivalent to A5 pages and the inserts are printed on 28 lb paper.


The inserts inside include a monthly layout and a weekly layout. The weekly layouts are a week on one page with a section to log new habits, important info and notes. I can definitely see myself using this planner to plan blog posts and such. It’d be a perfect fit.


If you would like to order your own agenda (or pretty clips), head on over to ChriswithaK to put in your order. She is also having a sale to celebrate her new office. Use code “newoffice” for 25% off your order with no minimum purchase!


The Papered Lantern: Sticker Review



Stickers are a staple in the planner world. When it comes to finding and choosing stickers however, it may be a bit overwhelming. The Papered Lantern is your one stop shop for all your sticker needs.

The Papered Lantern opened their shop on Etsy on August 25, 2015. In less than a month they have provided so many options for us to choose from. The stickers are cute and functional, plus there’s a sheet for every sticker lover’s need.

The stickers are neatly cut and are easily removable if you stick them in the wrong place. The Papered Lantern offers a wide variety of stickers that can be used for practically any purpose. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the stickers that are offered:

These are perfect for planning. You have a triple threat in one sheet with tear drops, check lists and dots that can be used for tracking or setting reminders.

pastel chk, tear, etc

These hexagon stickers are so cute and can also be used for tracking or decorating.


Who doesn’t love cookies? Use these to decorate a journal, planner or calendar.

milk and cookies

With Fall right around the corner these will definitely come in handy.

pumpkin spice

Flags are an easy way to remind yourself when bills are due since you can write the reminder directly on top of them.

sm flags

My personal favorites are the hexagons, the flags and the tear drop set. Don’t see anything that catches your eye but have something in mind? Contact Sonya and see if you can put in a special order. Seen something you do like? Use code daycreates15 for 15% off your purchase of $10 or more until October 1, 2015.


Let me know in the comments which were your faves and which ones you ordered!


Inside the August Ink and Wink Kit

Hello there!

This month I received my very first ever planner subscription kit. The kit I received was from a fairly new company called Ink and Wink. Cute name right? Anywho, my box came in on Monday and I wanted to share all the cuteness in it.

Before I share the cuteness, I wanted to walk you through the ordering process. Since Ink and Wink is just starting out, they have only a certain number of boxes available for purchase. Having that said you need and invitation to order a box. Sort of like Ipsy. So first you’d go to their website (here) and then you’d click on “Get an Invitation.” You enter your info and wait until you get the email notification that you are invited to sign up for the box. Once you get that email and sign up for the box, you’re all set. If you sign up for the box before 10th of the month, you should receive a box sometime toward the end of the month. If you sign up after the 10th, you will be receiving a box for the following month.

Now let the cuteness begin…


Once I opened the box, I was greeted by happy green tissue paper and a cute little sticker that says “You deserve it!” #winkkit. Having come home from a long day of work, opening the box to see this put a big smile on my face.


Once I opened up the tissue paper I already knew I was going to love the kit. Just by looking at it I could see that it had almost all of my favorite planner supplies. Washi, sticky notes, stickers, paperclips and so much more.


I love all the sticky notes that came in this months kit. I hoard sticky notes like they’re being discontinued. I can never have enough of them, between sticky notes and notebooks I have a whole trunk full.


Paper clips are another fave! The ribbon paperclip is so cute and colorful. The ribbon clip is from an Etsy seller called “chriswithak“. She has tons of options in her shop and she also does custom orders (I may or may not have put in an order, lol). Those owls clips are too cute for words! I also received two new rolls of washi, a mini notebook, a charm and a happy day pen. Those are one of my favorite pens. Fine point is the only way to go!



What is planning without stickers? We got three sheets of them and a sample sheet from “KittenPlans.” I had a look at her shop and there are so many functional stickers that I’d love to get. Last but not least we received two sheets of decorative paper, I’m thinking DIY page flags for those, what do you think?



Maybooks: Review and Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

I’m so excited because today as promised, I’ll be posting my giveaway hosted by May Designs.

I stumbled upon Maybooks a few months ago on Instagram. So I looked them up and on their site I found (among other things) a completely customizable notebook. Since I love notebooks and planners, I had to have one. I posted about the ordering process back in December – you can read about it here.

I received my Maybook in the mail about 1-2 weeks after ordering. I ordered around Christmas, so shipping was pretty fast. Here is the set up of my MayBook:


I chose a mint with white hearts book, there are hundreds of options to choose from for the cover. I also chose to add a Monogram but this is optional. There are tons of choices from shape to color, as well as text.


The inside cover comes with a pre-selected design that matches the cover you choose. In the book I received, the first page includes a 12 month calendar as you can see in the photo. Depending on the type of inserts you choose (I chose monthly inserts with dots) you may receive a different front page.


Here is an example of the months. There is a lot of space for writing in reminders, appointments, etc. I use these months to keep track of exercises that I do as well as my calorie intake.


After the 12 months, you have some note pages. I chose dots, you can order them with lines, blank and a few other options. Here I just jot down notes, ideas, or quotes that I find.


The next two photos show size comparison. The first photo shows the Maybook vs a personal size sheet. The second photo shows the MayBook vs an A5 (Kikkik) sticker sheets. As you can see it is different in size compared to personal and A5 inserts. If you order a MayBook with just note pages (lined, blank, or dots) then you can cut the book down (including covers) to fit into your planner which is what I’ll be doing once I’ve filled my book up.



May Designs has agreed to award one of my readers with a Gift Card to their website. The Giveaway ends on May 9, 2015 11:59 pm. You must be 18 years or older -OR- have parental consent to enter. Upon ordering you will be reqired to submit your name and address to May Designs for delivery of you MayBook. Good Luck!

Click here to submit your entries.